"Hail to Canada's Dr. Seuss! 

                   Peter G. Reynolds and Keith Grachow have 

                   produced a charming children's book that

                   will make a perfect gift. Bravo!"

                   Robert J. Sawyer

                   Hugo & Nebula Award Winning Author

Hello! You found us! I'm very excited to tell you about my first children’s picture book, Lost Hallway: Where do lost things go?

LATEST NEWS - January, 2017

Lost Hallway is now available in 6 book stores from Toronto to Bolton!

Elle Minnow Children's Book Store


Bakka-Phoenix Bookstore


Forster's Book Garden


The Book Exchange (in the Junction)

111 Dundas Street W., Toronto, ON M6P 1Z9

Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop

Another Story Bookshop


LATEST NEWS - November 13, 2016

The books have arrived and they look amazing!

Delivery will now begin to all those who pre-ordered a copy. Thanks again for your support. You can purchase a copy by sending us an email with your name, address and the number of copies you'd like. We'll then get back to you ASAP!


We've received the printed proof for Lost Hallway (see images below). It looks amazing! We're on track for delivery by October 2016. Pre-order your copy today!

Lost Hallway is a modern-day fairy tale that asks the question: Where do lost things go?

     "There are rooms filled with keys,

      Rooms filled with pets,

      Rooms filled with socks and even lost bets!"

It's the story of a young boy named Griffin, who can't find his dog or his ball.

What he doesn't know is that all lost things eventually arrive in just one place.

     "Gloves, socks, a young person's way

      All can be found,

      In the Lost Hallway."

This original story includes 44 pages of heart-warming, full colour illustrations by  Keith Grachow. The book will be available as an 8x10 glossy hardcover.

Our crowdfunding campaign is completed and we've begun the process of having the books printed. Estimated availability will be October 2016. 

You can stay up-to-date on all the details by joining our mailing list.

We'll also be having a launch party where you have the opportunity to meet the author (that's me) and illustrator (that's Keith) and have your book signed. Of course, if you'd prefer an unsigned copy (sniff) we can do that too ;) 

Peter G. Reynolds, Author

Peter is a filmmaker and owner of For the Record Productions Inc, a production company that specializes in working with non-profit organizations and Persons with Disabilities. He also is a performer at heart, having studied improvisational comedy at Second City in Toronto. Lost Hallway is his first book, written for his son Griffin. 


Keith Grachow, Illustrator

Keith Grachow has been a graphic artist for the last 20 years and has worked for companies like Play Along Toys (a subsidiary of Jakks Pacific) on the Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon series; and for Disney Animation, as a digital ink and paint artist on the animated flicks Princess and the Frog and the reboot of Winnie the Pooh (2011). He has also published two children's books, "On A Planet Named Up-In-The-Sky" and "What would Slog do?"


Where do lost things go?

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