A fairy tale

picture book by

Peter G. Reynolds

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Greetings from the Author

If you're looking for a book

But can't find the right one

I have some good news;

Your search is now done.

It's perfect for adventurers

Age two until six,

With the story of a hallway

Full of magic and tricks.

There's a boy in the story

And his dog best friend.

Spoiler alert!

It works out in the end.

But along the way

The boy learns how to find

The things that he's lost,

No matter the kind.

The story is told

Through pictures and verse.

The price is quite fair, 

To both wallet and purse.

So order a copy.

Be quick, don't delay.

And get ready to explore

The Lost Hallway.


Happy Reading!


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Brick & Mortar

Ella Minnow Children's Bookstore
991 Kingston Road

Toronto, ON Canada



Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop
789 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada




Forster's Book Garden

266 Queen Street South, Unit 2
Bolton, ON Canada




The Book Exchange

3111 Dundas Street West (the Junction)
Toronto, ON Canada

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Hail to Canada's Dr. Seuss!

Peter G. Reynolds and Keith

Grachow have produced a

charming children's book.



Hugo and Nebula

Award Winning Author


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