About the Author 

Peter G. Reynolds

Peter is a writer and documentary filmmaker from Toronto, Canada. He began writing children's stories when his son was born in 2009. When his son Griffin turned five, he asked "where do lost things go before they're found?". Like any good father, Peter answered, "to a magical world that contains all lost things". This was the inspiration for Lost Hallway. When not writing, Peter can be found performing improv comedy. He is currently busy working on a braille and tactile version of Lost Hallway for the blind, the second installment of the Lost Hallway series and a YA science fiction novel.

Keith Grachow, Illustrator

Keith is a full time illustrator and has created comic books, web comics, graphic novels and children’s books. He has self published a series of action adventure children’s books with his mom Amy Grachow, called Up-In-The-Sky. He is also the co-founder of Kika Mika Comics

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